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*** Due to health problems, lack of co-operation with the local authorites Avis has taken the heart breaking decision to close ARK. We are currently taking steps to re-home as many resident animals as possible. If you are interested in adopting an ARK dog, please see this 'link' which has some of the dogs available for adoption.

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We still welcome volunteers as there are many resident dogs at the centre who need care and attention.

ARK is an independent Indian registered charity, with strong links through our founder Avis Lyons, to the UK. We are based in a modern, clean, purpose built facility on the outskirts of the ARKpopular tourist resort of Kovalam in Kerala. Our work is wide-ranging and focused entirely on caring for the animal population of Kerala in whatever way we can. This can be direct intervention to administer badly needed medical treatment, it may also mean providing a home for sick animals on a permanent or temporary basis. Ultimately, we try and rehome as many animals as we can once we have treated their ailments. We also understand that to make real progress with animal issues in India there is a huge need to change the future. We run educational and lobbying programmes to try and make sure Kerala keeps moving forward in it's attitude, it's laws and it's enforcement of the law in relation to animal welfare. We follow the World Health Organization guidelines by implementing the ABC /AR (animal birth control/anti-rabies vaccination) programme. This will help to eradicate rabies in the future and humanely control the stray dog population. Our work is not easy, it is not cheap, it can be heart-breaking and sometimes it seems like it's never ending, but we love what we do, we are passionate about animals and we believe that by promoting better treatment and care for animals here, that along with the work of many other organisations, we are helping to drive India towards making a society which is simply more fulfilling for everyone, human or otherwise.