How We Started

Our founder, Avis Lyons, was born in London and lived there until 1990 when she moved to Romford in Essex. ARK is the result of a holiday to Kerala that Avis took in 2000, with her daughter Odette. During that holiday, Avis became extremely upset and moved by the poor condition of the beach dogs. She noticed that all the female dogs showed signs of having had pups, but there were no puppies to be seen. When Avis returned to England, she was determined to do something about the situation. Avis approached International Animal Rescue (I.A.R) an organisation based in Goa, India, which has head offices in the U.K and as a result, she set up a centre in Kovalam, Kerala, under their umbrella.

In 2002 she rented a former private hospital which became both home and clinic for Avis and her animals. Owing to the success of this venture and the overwhelming need for a permanent centre of this kind, Avis sold her house in the U.K in order to fund the start of Animal Rescue Kerala. She has since purchased some land and constructed a purpose-built veterinary hospital/animal rescue centre. There is a fully equipped treatment clinic, 60 kennels, a puppy house and an education centre. Across the road from the centre are the living quarters for staff and volunteers. This land has also become permanent home to many of the disabled dogs that cannot fend for themselves.