A message of support from our patron
Alesha Dixon

When ARK (Animal Rescue Kerala) approached me and asked if I would consider becoming a patron, it was something that did not require a lot of thought. Being an animal lover myself and a dog owner, it was a natural move to lend my support and become their patron.
ARK is a non-profit making charitable cause which gives a voice to animals, locally in the state of Kerala, India.
ARK is not only a rescue centre, but also a sanctuary for many animals that are not able to fend for themselves. Dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses have found a permanent home here.
The local community are reliant on ARKs team of dedicated staff for the treatment of their pets, which is offered free of charge to pet owners who are unable to afford private veterinary fees.
By implementing the ABC/AR programme, (Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies) they continue to address the stray dog problem of Kerala in a humane way and vaccinate all dogs in their care against rabies, making the local area a safer place to be for humans and canines alike.
To continue the good work carried out within ARK they must meet the monthly financial costs incurred. As no government funding is received, ARK is totally reliant on public donation or corporate sponsorship.
Please spread awareness of ARK and give generously to this worthy cause and help us to continue to rescue and care for the animals in need.

Donate now by using the link on the home page.

Together we can make a difference
Thank you