Daisy May our shining star

Daisy May was picked up one dark night after being hit by a vehicle near to ARK. A local rickshaw driver notified me of her predicament, which had happened during the monsoon season. It was very quickly apparent to me that she was never going to be able to walk again, but this did not stop Daisy from being happy.

Whilst I was on holiday from India, I was able to find out about a company in America who made wheels for disabled dogs. They seemed to be the perfect solution to Daisy's needs, so I purchased them for her. Daisy took to her wheels straight away, dashing around on them, even running over peoples feet. The wheels gave her a better quality of life and much more independence. At night time i would take off her wheels and she would rest on cushions.

Daisy became a bit of a celebrity, as nobody had seen a dog on wheels before. Many members of the press came to take photos of her and reported her story in the newspapers.

One evening, I went indoors and was devastated to find that Daisy had been electrocuted. Somehow, it had happened through the floor. The concrete floor had metal reinforcement rods running right through it. I could often feel the electric under my feet and had mentioned this to the landlord on a number of occasions as I felt that it was dangerous. Unfortunately he had not done anything about it.

Daisy had lived a very happy and content life with me for three years. I was totally heart-broken when this terrible incident happened.

Now Daisy has changed her wheels for wings and has flown off to heaven.

Avis Lyons