Help a Street Dog

Please help us to continue treating the street dogs of India by donating now.

Below are some examples of how your donation could be spent.

£5.00 donation - Will vaccinate 10 street dogs against rabies.
£10.00 donation - Will buy one weeks worth of milk for all of the cats, kittens and puppies in our shelter.
£15.00 donation - Will buy some of the vital medical supplies that are needed on a daily basis to carry out the ABC/AR programme, such as anaesthesia , gloves, IV sets, SV sets, syringes, suture materials, antibiotics, pain killers, vaccinations.
£20.00 donation - Will help our staff to clean and maintain our kennel blocks for one week.
£50.00 donation - Will buy enough food to feed all the animals in our shelter for one week.
£100.00 donation - Will pay our full time animal rescuer/ambulance drivers wage for one month.

Non-monitory donations can be sent by parcel to our shelter, please see our wish list to see how you can help.