Our Centre

Built to our own specification in 2005, the ARK centre on the outskirts of Kovalam in Kerala is now the heart of our organisation. Our two storey main building's ground floor consists of our reception, a pre-op room, an operating theatre, an office and a secondary theatre for those busy periods. On the first floor is our puppy house, cat quarters and our animal food preparation area.

Within our grounds, we have our purpose built kennel banks which include isolation kennels for the barrier nursing of dogs/animals with contagious diseases. We also have communal kennels which allows our residents to happily socialise with each other. Adjacent to our communal kennels is the educational centre which is available for teaching young and old alike the benefits of caring correctly for animals.

Our paddock is home to Charlie and Diana, our two resident rescued horses. A further walled area of land acts as an exercise area for those dogs in our care that cannot manage the daily walks offered by our staff and volunteers.

Just across the road from the ARK centre is where our staff and volunteers accommodation can be found, as well as our many canine friends who have become permanent residents.