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The local government of Kerala have decided to start culling dogs despite the Indian governments ruling that this practice is illegal, and that dogs should be steralised in accordance with the ABC programe. Dogs are caught with a bare loop of wire and are either injected with strychnine or choked to death, either way the death is slow and painful.

15,000 dogs have been taken from the streets of Kerala by the local government and killed in a number of brutal, slow ways. Some of them belong to local people.
Evidence shows this is not a sustainable way to control the dog population, and the Indian government agrees.
What is happening in Kerala is cruel, unnecessary and illegal.
ARK calls for dogs to be treated humanely and their numbers controlled by the internationally recognised spay and release programmes we run in Kerala.
Help us stop the suffering. We need to show the local government that the world is watching and their actions are damaging Kerala’s reputation.

Please back ARK, back the law, and back the dogs by simply signing your name in the boxes above, then click the button below.

"I strongly wish to register my protest against the local government of Kerala India, with regards to their decision to begin culling dogs despite the main government of India's policy of sterilisation (ABC)"
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