Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies Programme

In 2002 ARK made a commitment to follow the WSPA and WHO dog population management guidelines by implementing the ABC/AR programme. This remains the main focus of ARK. The ABC/AR programme acts as a humane alternative to the inhumane policy of catching and killing the stray dogs of India. History shows that the "catch and kill" policy has not been succesful in reducing numbers or treating rabies and never will be. By following the ABC/AR programme, the stray dogs are caught, sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. After convalescence, they are returned back to their original territory. As a result of following the ABC/AR programme, ARK is helping to reduce the stray dog population and rabies cases in a caring and humane way, within the state of Kerala. To date we have sterilized more than 3,500 dogs, 300 cats and more than 10,000 dogs/cats have been vaccinated in our centre.